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Thank you for showing your interest in CIEA, a forty-four-year-old grass roots non-profit organization. Since you are on this page, we know you care about Native American Indian students. Our organization’s grass roots design allows us to be independent of federal and state funding restrictions. When you join, you will receive a quarterly newsletter, the Early American, and be kept up with current issues, as well as the rich histories of California Native American Indians and CIEA’s beginnings, but we also hope that you will find CIEA a group of talented Indian people who care about the future of our Native American Indian youth with whom you can relate and even share your own talents together. Now is the time to organize for the future, and it is our sincere hope that you will join to help support and create a higher quality Native American Indian Education.

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It only takes ten members to become a chapter, with the rights to have your Chapter Chair represent you on your CIEA Board. Local chapters have found that when working with California Indian Centers, Title VII and Johnson O’Malley parent groups, Tribal TANFs, or other government funded programs, they can organize fundraisers and plan activities (any celebration of Indian Education) with resources otherwise not funded by federal and state programs. Should you wisely choose to start a chapter, please indicate, and we will provide you personal assistance to help, before, during, and after you join. We’d like to be known for solving the important issues in a good way. Help us get there together. Let your voice be heard from the grass roots, on up: Start your chapter today, and become “CIEA-ble”!


CIEA Membership Application Form

Please copy and print the form below, then mail the completed membership application with a check for appropriate amount:

 Make out the check to CIEA, and mail them to:

CIEA, c/o Linda Billey-Sevedge, Treasurer: P.O. Box 1128, Santa Maria, Ca 93456-1128



CIEA Membership Application 


Name:  ______________________________________________________________

Nation/Tribe/Band: ____________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

City:  ____________________________________  State: ____ Zip Code: __________

Phone: (   ) ____________ Work: (   ) ____________ Cell: (   ) ________________

FAX: (        ) ____________ E-mail: _________________________________________

FaceBook: _______________________ Web Site: ____________________________

ENCLOSED IS MY CIEA ANNUAL DUES OF (Please check the appropriate one box for each section below):  

[]  $25.00 General Membership   [] $15.00 Elder (62 +)      

[]  $15.00 Student (include current  registration ID)  []  $35.00 for couples

Please mark the appropriate membership type (all are at the above rates):

[] Active: a Native American Indian VOTING Member who resides in California.

[] Associate: a non-Indian parent, spouse of an Active Member, and/or a Native American Indian not living in California.

[] Contributing:  not a Native American Indian, but interested in improving in Native American Indian education.