March 25-27, 2010
Santa Clara Marriott, Santa Clara, CA

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Call to Conference


We invite you to attend the

34th Annual California Conference on American Indian Education

March 24-26, 2011, at the Westin LAX Hotel in Los Angeles, CA

The Conference theme: “Indian Education: Strengthening Our Future by Coming Together”

The conference will showcase 34 years of success and growth of American Indian education in California and the impact the American Indian Education Centers have had in American Indian communities . This conference is made possible by the collaborative efforts of the 27 American Indian Education Centers located statewide, endorsed by the California Department of Education, and many other supporters of American Indian education throughout California . Our hope is that your attendance at this year’s conference will be a positive experience and will result in lasting memories . We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles . If you have any questions or would like clarification, please contact Irma Amaro at 707-464-3512 or by e-mail at irma@ncidc .org, or  Rachel McBride at 530-895-4212 ext . 110 or by e-mail at rachel .4winds@sbcglobal .net .


Irma Amaro and Rachel McBride, Conference Co-Chairpersons

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The Sequoia National Forest, Giant Sequoia National Monument Cultural Resource Program and California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program is putting on a Site Steward Training Workshop

What: Site Steward’s are trained volunteers work with professional archaeologists to protect archaeological and historical resources by regularly visiting sites and recording changes. (more information below or visit )

When: November 6-7
Where: Hume Lake Ranger Station, 35860 East Kings Canyon Road, Dunlap, CA 93621
How much: $25 per person

How to register: Contact Beth Padon of CASSP at<> and tell her your interested in the Sequoia National Forest Site Steward class.
In order to become a CASSP volunteer, you must attend a two-day, training workshop. Pre-registration must be made by e-mail, mail, or phone by the Monday before the workshop.

More information: See attachments

Please forward to others that might be interested.

For specific information on cultural resources in the Giant Sequoia National Monument contact Linn Gassaway at the contact information below.

33rd Annual California Conference on American Indian Education (CCAIE)

Supported by California Indian Education Associacion (CIEA)

March 25-27, 2010; Santa Clara Marriott, Santa Clara, CA

The Santa Clara Marriott was a terrific venue for CCAIE  33. We had many CIEA members at the conference. Members from all over California, attended, gave workshops, and offered up other services. Honored Elder 2008/CIEA Northern Vice-President Joseph Smith, USMC Ret. handled the posting of the colors for the conference and PowWow, Gourd Danced, gave the PowWow invocation, and availed himself to folks at the conference. Golden Valley Chapter Member Joy Christian provided a workshop on gang involvement and drug use. CIEA PowWow Committee Chair/Venice Hill Valley Tribes Chapter Secretary Jennifer Malone offered up her Indigenous language  experiences at the Language  Forum; and she, Venice Hill Valley Chapter Member Rufus Alford, and Honored Elder/CIEA Central Vice President/Selma Indian Eduaction association chapter Chair Ruby Vargas (hu)manned our non-profit booth. Your president Clyde Hodge attended the American Indian Education Oversight Committee Public Hearing, the University of Indigenous Nations, and Culturally Relevant Education workshops, as well as the Language Forum. The workshops attended were even a notch up from last year, and the registration and other festivities were made smooth and seamless by all the wonderful volunteers and conference committee members. Overall, it was a great conference, and we are already looking forward to the next conference in LA.

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CIEA Annual General Membership/Biennial Election Meeting

January 8 & 9, 2011

California Teachers Association Office 4300 Redwood Hwy, Suite 200 San Rafael, CA 94903

Letter of Invitation

Clyde Hodge, CIEA President

P. O. Box 894

Delhi, CA 95315

(209) 648-1514

California Indian Education Association, Incorporated Membership

December 9, 2010

Dear Cherished CIEA Members,

Happy Holidays! The time comes around every Winter Solstice for enjoying the fruits of our labors and  gathering and celebrating  the gift of sharing with loved ones. In that spirit, we invite you to celebrate with us the forty-four years of California Indian Education Association’s service to the American Indian/Alaska Natives educational community, by attending the CIEA Annual General Membership/Biennial Election Meeting. The doors will be open at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, both days.

The meeting will commence at 11:00 AM Saturday, for a regular general membership meeting, open nominations from the floor at approximately 2:00 PM, will be followed by nominees’ opportunities to speak, and voting will begin at about 3:00 PM. The polls will be open until noon the following day, to give members an opportunity to arrive and vote either day.

The Nomination Committee has confirmed the following candidates: President-Clyde Hodge; Northern Vice President-Laura Seal, Rod Lindsay, and Joe Smith; Central Vice President-Ruby Vargas and Willie Carrillo; Southern Vice President-Marty Meeden; Secretary-George Melendez, and Treasurer-Linda Billey-Sevedge.

The Executive Board has extended membership for all folks who paid the 2010 dues until the first day of the meeting, so folks can vote on site once their 2011 dues are paid, but nominees, per our constitution, must have held an unbroken membership since June 9, 2010, (extension included) or will be disqualified. Since we are voting for various district and regional officers, please bring your California ID so that we can give you the correct ballot. Also, only Active members (American Indians/Alaska Natives who live in California) are allowed to vote, and only nominees present at the first day’s meeting, until nominations close and the polls open, can run for office or be voted upon.


AECD Summer Institute: “Read to Learn and Write to Learn” a bullseye hit with CIEA

CIEA just finished attending the American Indian Reading and Writing Summer Institute on August 27 and 28, in Stockton. Teachers, Cultural Aide paraprofessionals and parents were all in attendance. The theme was “Read to Learn and Write to Learn,” sponsored jointly by CIEA and the Stockton Unified School District Indian Education Program. It was two days of instruction and activities on how to teach and tutor Native American Indians, using the best practices, strategies and curriculum available. Floyd Beller, founder of the non-profit educational instruction organization Alliance for Education and Community Development (AECD) and a CIEA member, presented the information contained in this valuable two-day event.

The first day was centered on reading. With over two decades of Indian education experience and the resources available to him and the many other consultants and the most up-to-date research available, Mr. Beller shared a great many useful strategies to optimize students’ skills in reading by providing knowledge, instruction and a huge binder to illustrate many of the pitfalls and successes he and AECD have encountered over the years. As he said, “In education there are lots of traps out there, and one of them is learning how to read. [If not approached appropriately,] school can be a very harmful place.”

The second day was all about writing. The attendees of “Read to Learn and Write to Learn” practiced various techniques designed to generate student motivation and successful experiences in “painting” with the written word, through individual and cooperative group activities. “Modeling is important for the teacher or tutor to do, so the student can see you writing while they write,” is just an example of solid insights shared by Mr. Beller on that day: “Walking around, observing [and possibly interfering with] student writing does not encourage the student to write on his or her own later.”

The two days were enjoyed by all. The clarification and validation of known strategies and practices combined with new data in one single training event, chock full of advice, proven practices, and scientific data, made it an invaluable information package. With all of the information in one over 200 page ours-to-keep binder, we’re ready to take the information and apply the methods and strategies, hitting the ground running. Floyd Beller presented each of the attendees a book by, about, and for Native American Indians from the Oyate (see National Links) book catalog and a certificate of completion suitable for framing at the end of the high quality and valuable two day event. Next stop for him: Tuba City, Arizona.

CIEA is already planning for next year’s American Indian Reading and Writing Summer Institute, presented by AECD: “Read to Learn and Write to Learn, Part II.” We hope to set the date soon, so look for it on our Calendar page and plan to attend, or contact AECD to set up your own training conducted by, for, and about Native American Indians. (Photos are below.)

For more information contact AECD at: ,, or  (805) 861-0010.

Floyd opens joy and Voorheis Project Clyde n Dale GEDC5401 Josephine Eggros

AECD/CIEA/SUSD Summer Reading and Writing Institute

CIEA n AECD 8.28.09

Left to right; Presenter Floyd Beller, Josephine Eggros, Dino Wilson, Caroline Wilson, Stockton USD Title VII Indian Ed. Specialist Dale Fleming, Manteca USD Title VII Indian Ed. Specialist Linda Voorheis, Jolene Grip, Ernestine Cardenas, Joy Christian, Rosalinda Fleming, Clyde Hodge.