Endings and Beginnings, Reuppings and Joinings

Our Dear Friends of appropriate, valid, valuable, and relevant Indian Education; thank you for visiting our official site!
Happy Holidays! As the year ends, so do our annual memberships. CIEA is nearly forty-five years young, so we’re here to stay. If your membership dues are up or you have friends and loved ones who would appreciate a gift of membership or you, too would like to be an ally of Native American Education, this is the time. We have three levels of membership, and three membership dues rates: Couples, $35; Elders and Students, $15; and general is $25.   Just  fill out the membership form on the “Join” page. Join and/or re-up with the oldest Indian intertribal Indian education non-profit organization in the world! Donations are gratefully accepted; get them in for your 2011 tax-deductions. Be part of our family: CIEA!
-Clyde Hodge, CIEA President

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