CIEA Election Certified by Elections Chair

Jeanna Spirou <> wrote:

Dear Executive Board, 

As of Saturday October 22, 2011, the preliminary findings are as

Northern Vice President: Donna Stapp

Central Vice President: Willie Carrillo, Sr.

Southern Vice President: Mary Levi

The ballot count was conducted at the Manteca Title VII office. 
I, Jeanna Spirou chaired theelections committee meeting 
with President Clyde Hodge and CIEA member Linda Voorheis in

To my knowledge no challenges were received, therefore these 
are now the official findings for the 2012- 2013 
Vice-President elections:

Northern Vice President: Donna Stapp

Central Vice President: Willie Carrillo Sr.

Southern Vice President: Mary Levi

Congratulations to our new officers, and thank you 
for all the wonderful work to our outgoing


Jeanna Spirou

Central Vice President

Thank you Jeanna for your service as Chair of the Elections Committee, as well as the other committee members invaluable help. All elections are final and certified by the Committee. The Elections Committee is now dismissed.

Dear Vice Presidents, please understand that your tenure as Vice-President of your District continues until December thirty-first, 2011.
Dear Vice-Presidents Elect. Once again, congratulations. I hope that we can have a physical meeting in January to honor the outgoing VPs and officially welcome the new vice-presidents at that time.
My first choice is to have a General Membership meeting at Cal State Stanislaus early that month, as it is Central District’s turn. I welcome feedback this week so that I can make arrangements with the CSU Stan CTA Student Club. CIEA Board, please give me your dates for any Saturday or Sunday of that month.
Our following physical meeting will be at the CCAIE at Humboldt State in March. It will  also be a General Membership meeting. The following physical meeting will then be in the Southern District, and the same rotation will continue thereafter.
As always, our sincerest thanks for making this first Vice-Presidential election a success!  That’s being CIEA-ble!
-Clyde Hodge, President

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