CIEA General Membership/Biennial Election Meeting

CIEA Annual General Membership/Biennial Election Meeting

January 8 & 9, 2011

California Teachers Association Office 4300 Redwood Hwy, Suite 200 San Rafael, CA 94903

Letter of Invitation

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Clyde Hodge, CIEA President

P. O. Box 894

Delhi, CA 95315

(209) 648-1514

California Indian Education Association, Incorporated Membership

December 9, 2010

Dear Cherished CIEA Members,

Happy Holidays! The time comes around every Winter Solstice for enjoying the fruits of our labors and  gathering and celebrating  the gift of sharing with loved ones. In that spirit, we invite you to celebrate with us the forty-four years of California Indian Education Association’s service to the American Indian/Alaska Natives educational community, by attending the CIEA Annual General Membership/Biennial Election Meeting. The doors will be open at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, both days.

The meeting will commence at 11:00 AM Saturday, for a regular general membership meeting, open nominations from the floor at approximately 2:00 PM, will be followed by nominees’ opportunities to speak, and voting will begin at about 3:00 PM. The polls will be open until noon the following day, to give members an opportunity to arrive and vote either day.

The Nomination Committee has confirmed the following candidates: President–Clyde Hodge; Northern Vice President–Laura Seal, Rod Lindsay, and Joe Smith; Central Vice President–Ruby Vargas and Willie Carrillo; Southern Vice President–Marty Meeden; Secretary–George Melendez, and Treasurer–Linda Billey-Sevedge.

The Executive Board has extended membership for all folks who paid the 2010 dues until the first day of the meeting, so folks can vote on site once their 2011 dues are paid, but nominees, per our constitution, must have held an unbroken membership since June 9, 2010, (extension included) or will be disqualified. Since we are voting for various district and regional officers, please bring your California ID so that we can give you the correct ballot. Also, only Active members (American Indians/Alaska Natives who live in California) are allowed to vote, and only nominees present at the first day’s meeting, until nominations close and the polls open, can run for office or be voted upon.

We have plans to offer some speakers, entertainment, and maybe a couple workshops during the gathering.

We are having a raffle at the meeting. For each new member you bring to the meeting, you will receive a one dollar ticket for the raffle (pictures of one of the prizes are attached/below).

We will be housing the Executive Board and the required Committee Members for Friday and Saturday nights, and cannot, of course pay for all members’ stay, but we can get a reduced rate for you if you wish to stay overnight. Please RSVP our Treasurer Linda Billey-Sevedge at if you plan to do so.

If you are coming, please RSVP your president, so we can get a head count for the activities.

Since transportation costs seem to be constantly rising and it’s good for the environment to reduce pollution, and since Chapter Chairs and Executive Board members are obliged to come, please contact an Officer or Member near you to see if you can car pool, because mileage will be paid only to board members who drive, or the person who drives them (4 board members in 1 car = 1 mileage request approved).

Below, you will find a picture of one of the raffle prizes and directions to the meeting location.

As we are sure you understand the importance of your attendance at this meeting, we look forward to seeing you there to

exercise your voting rights, speak for the needs of California’s Native American/Alaska Natives educational community,

and enjoy the festivities!


Clyde Hodge, CIEA President

Meeting Directions

From Vallejo/I 80 W:

5. Merge onto CA-37 W via EXIT 33B toward NOVATO/SAN RAFAEL. 21.3 mi

6. Merge onto US-101 S via the exit on the LEFT toward SAN RAFAEL/SAN FRANCISCO. 4.6 mi

7. Take the LUCAS VALLEY RD exit toward SMITH RANCH RD. 0.2 mi

8. Take the ramp toward SMITH RANCH RD. 0.02 mi

9. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto LUCAS VALLEY RD. 0.04 mi

10. LUCAS VALLEY RD becomes SMITH RANCH RD. 0.3 mi

11. Turn RIGHT onto REDWOOD HWY.

ï‚· If you reach CRESTA DR you’ve gone a little too far   0.5 mi

12. 4300 REDWOOD HWY # 200.

ï‚· Your destination is 0.1 miles past MITCHELL BLVD

ï‚· If you reach JOSEPH CT you’ve gone about 0.3 miles too far

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